Best Payout

Caveman Lab ("the lab") is running WAVES full nodes to support the blockchain. Leasing to the lab is cost-free. 100% of mining rewards will be fully paid to the leasers. There is no catch. Besides, 500,000,000 CLMT tokens will be distributed each year to the leasers.

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Total Transparency

The lab stores the detail of all history payouts. Not only that, the lab has published the source code for other node owners to take advantage. Browse the FAQ page or talk to the admin if you have any questions or concerns.

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The lab has deployed duplicate nodes to ensure continuous mining. Thanks to the WAVES LPOS consensus, your fund is always safe. The lab also has several mechanisms to prevent, validate, and recover against unpredicted errors before, after, or during the payout. You can rest assured that your reward is never missed.

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Recent Payouts

Caveman Lab maintains all the history payout data. You can check the detail of every single payout at any time.